Introduction 2016

This site is dedicated to the World War Two Tank Simulation; T34 vs Tiger.

This is the only place on the web to come to for single player Add-ons

and the latest in new development for T34 vs Tiger.

Available only here are totally new default game bug fixes, new tank and

vehicles, new maps and new missions etc. This is all possible from months

of hard work as the code and procedures became understandable in which in

turn made it possible for a real serious, ambitious and ground breaking

ability for high quality new developments.

As a result of this effort's success Project ZeeWolf was created from the

ashes of T34 vs Tiger, that other wise was all but forgotten.

Therefore, the future of T34 vs Tiger looks truly bright again from the

ability that unlocks this fantastic product. With foresight energized by

a long term vision, inspired by this tank simulation's potential and

thanks to the excellent ground work laid by the original developers and

artists who created this amazing WWII Tank Simulation.

Project ZeeWolf is the bold and dynamic move forward that has a goal of

making T34 vs Tiger a tank simulation in which all future tank sims will

be measured.

- ZeeWolf.